Dube Engineering - Making Ideas Flow

Your source to create, design, build and test your ideas.

We are here to work with your ideas. If you need someone to put ideas to paper and build them, our engineering team is here for you. Our goal as your professional engineering resource is to make you successful and bring what you have to market.

If you already have a process but are fighting issues with safety, throughput, or scale up, our engineers can help.

We work with venture capitalist (VC) reviewing technical businesses for feasibility including scheduling and costing to reach production rates.

Engineering and Design

Dube Engineering has professional engineers (PE) on staff to help with your engineering needs.


Dube Engineering maintains process engineering skill sets for the chemical industry.

Project Management

Whether you have a small project or a multi-million dollar project, we can apply tools and concepts for your situation.


People often say safety is number one. At Dube Engineering, we say it’s a given.

Are you trying to start or complete a project, but are unsure of your next steps?

Dube Engineering has trained project managers (PMP), that can help manage your project. From selecting the right team to creating appropriate schedules, we are here for you. If you feel you have a good team but need a leader to bring everything together, that’s what we do.