Research and Development

Dube Engineering was started to help inventors and patent holders get their ideas and products into customers hands. There are so many great processes out there that just need to be designed and built, and Dube Engineering is here to guide you from concept to completion.

We can help lead or supplement the group you have already established, or create a new group of resources for you. If you just need someone to bounce ideas with, or review what you have before moving forward, we can do that. No job to small, and all customers are treated with the same respect regardless of size.

So let’s answer the question that so many people ask, “What makes Dube Engineering different, or special from the other firms out there”? There are a couple of great answers to that question.

Our experience gives us the advantage. Our President has multiple years in the manufacturing sector as a Process Engineer, Project Engineer, and Director of Engineers. This gives him a perspective on practical day to day manufacturing and what a process needs to be successful in the manufacturing world. On the other hand, he also worked for contract engineering firms writing proposals, designing processes and working with customers. This gives him the understanding of cost and structure which is needed to complete an engineering task. Having lived both sides of the coin, he now has a unique perspective of what is needed by both sides to be successful and build a viable product.

A second great answer is our knowledge across many business sectors. Regardless of the materials and chemicals that are required, the engineers at our disposal have either seen them directly or probably worked within the family of materials and chemicals you need. When starting from scratch, having an engineering group with a wide breadth is sometimes more important than deep knowledge. There’s a good chance that what the customer needs may not have been done in their business sector before, but if your engineering group can apply it to a different business sector then there’s a large potential of cost and schedule savings.